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*new blog post over ibiza week
** the next album will be called "eudaimon : back to iram"

*Metafantasia podcast epsod6 season2 - Emtidi Saat album, Saint Brieuc, John cowper powys
*new podcast episod4 season2 : digital detox, fumio, sufism
*new podcast episod5 season2: passive agressive, the yi jing book, krautrock

*new project under the name of "zi iacchos" first release here
'Heaven and hell"

**new italian review over "l'ange des six eaux" album

*New review from spain over "l'ange des six eaux"
**here is a radio broadcast with one of the track of the album

new podcast episod in french this time -> love in 2024

new reviews over the new album "l'ange des six eaux" from hungary

*it's my birthday :)
*new podcast in french here over this special day
*the new album is on spotify now
*i will publish new videos on eurorack experiments here

*The new album "l'ange des six eaux" is now available here on bandcamp, cd's will be available on 13 january 2024.
*french press release here and english press release here
*new podcast episod1 season2 here

*happy new year 2024 to you!
*the next release is called "l'ange des six eaux" and will be released before spring.
*instagram will allows you to see all the process and various trips where i've recorded filed recordings for the forthcoming release.

*new episod  (8) of the podcast link here
*new video with #eurorack experiments 

*new podcast episode 7 (in french, français) link here
*the new album "ontologia" is now available as cd link here

"zia" new painting here
"ontologia" new release available here on bandcamp

some extracts of my new book  will be published in the blog in late september.

new podcast available here #everyoneiseveryone 

next live act @ urgence disk records in geneva - swiss more 5 of July 2023
presenting hierarchy ep and new tracks.


*"Hierarchy: Burn! Kill! Destroy! and rebuild..." new Ep now available on Bandcamp following this link.

*a Vimeo link  is now available with certain video clips made by Max Firinu
*The track "Namibia" is on "healing frequencies" radio black out playlist,
thanks to them

* "To Saturnalia" the new single and two tracks release can be found here on Bandcamp.

*The 4 last albums are available as tape cassettes ( pre-ordered by e-mail)
*New post in the blog section

*I'm doing work sessions on twitch with the eurorack module "ornaments & crimes" here is the link 
*Wikipedia & bnf france resources here

*The new album called "The Seahorse Complex" is now available on Bandcamp
(digital, cd's and Tape Cassettes)
*few copies of the last album on Discogs too

*Thanks to everyone in vienna for the fabulous night and festival.
*Live video from the concert on Youtube following this link

*Here you will find an interview for the label and magazine britain records, it was not published but give you the entire version here.
*Next concert at Vekks in Austria, Vienna the 18 of June 2022 9pm
*New Post in the blog

*TikTok account here
*The song "winners in the dark" from "BLUE zaxon" album is present on this compil
with other musicians,  thanks to tom and britain records link here
*new twitch video online here
*The new album is called "PART.4" and it's available on bandcamp,
-> cd will be ready for shipping the 20 of april 2022.
*Youtube playlist with all the work done on modular synths here 
*Flipboard is a place where i store a kind of archive of articles, link here

*New italian review for "Blue zaxon" the new album here
*Best wishes for this new year 2022
*Next live act in Vienna in austria 9 APRIL 2022,
the set list will include 8 songs from the last 3 albums,
arrangments will see a use of melharmony and a deep study of the upanishads.
-> post in the blog with more details here

*ModularGrid link
*new youtube channel, for full albums, everything is on bandcamp.
*a 4 tracks ep will be recorded before the end of the year, inspired by taoism and
australian aboriginal music, name is "Dhyāna", it will be played only live, no offcial release.

"Blue ZAXON" the new album is available today on cd and digital on Bandcamp.

*"SaaepenepeaaS" new single online here on Bandcamp, and Spotify.

*You can send message on the chatboat again at the down left area of the site.

*"Azimuth" forthcoming eP, Trailer here .
*The first track is called "Onil" , full digital Ep 4 tracks here.
*Cd's release date 04/12/2021 (During the red moon).
* New Paintings available through Bandcamp here 
* "A-Agni" Live Stream Session on Twitch will begin tHE 14 until 21 of mARCH. 
*"God Only Knows" Cover of The Beach Boys can be found here.
*New review on "Senmurw" album from Hungary, here.
*The albums "Summoned Summoners", "Cyber Hermit 2021" , and "Senmurw"
are now archived at the National Library of France (Bnf).

*First extracts "Sikwan" (Spring) and "Pipon" (Winter)  from the Ep called "Kigo" are available on Bandcamp . Since the last three songs on the album correspond to the Summer, fall and the pre-winter frost seasons, these tracks will only be released during the corresponding seasons.
*Senmurw" the new album will be released in physical Cd the 20 of March 2021.
*The Album is now available on Bandcamp and all platforms.
*"El circo Cubierto" Album was listed in Darkroom magazine Italy as one of the best abum in 2020.
 Link Here .

*"Third Eye" Album is now sold out (Cd's), new copies will be available the 5 of February.
*You can subscribe to the Twitch channel now, i will begin stream sessions from this week

*Cd's are now available for the new release "Cyber Hermit 2021" and "Summoned Summoners",
...grab it on the Bandcamp Page.
*New Post in the blog.

*Two new extracts for the next release "Cyber Hermit 2021" here
*The Patreon page is now available with various chapters for experimental songwriting technics link here
*The Twitch page is active now, i will record various live sessions of work over the release of "Cyber Hermit" the next album . Check the calendar, it will be streamed on every Monday in general at 18H30 Cet.
*The next live streams will be on Twitch and in the meantime, until end Of January several new tracks releases will be released, ranging from two tracks, Ep's or single. It's part of the new cycle, and so all the previous releases since 2007 will no longer be played. I want to keep a very precise line about this new era. #AllForGood.
*Press Kit 2021 Available Here.
*The main release that represents the musical path is the 5 tracks called "Summoned Summoners", but during the process of creation i have recorded songs, FaceB, unreleased, that can show the transition from the previous albums and now.
That's why you will be able to check certains tracks on Youtube for instance. (Including: Mantr@" , "Lady White" (La Légende Du Serpent Blanc) or even "Will Vs Fear".
 "Summoned Summoners" 5 tracks album will be available on Spotify this week. Cd's, the 21 of January 2021.

*All details about the upcoming album in the Blog (Link here) 
*Including a video trailer and another one about the making of.
*The topic, the gear used and the Artwork.

*Second extract from the next album "Summoned Summoners" called "Will Vs Fear" online here
*New Spotify Playlist  with current inspirations, monthly updated here

*First extract from the next album "Summoned Summoners" called "Mantr@" online on Youtube here.
*A video documentary about the genesis and the process of recording of the next album will be published
on #Youtube at the end of January; 21 minutes with mount of details, see the summary in the blog here.
*14 Nov. 2020 - Live on Instagram - Facebook Link - Instagram Link - SongKick Link
*I've published short video extracts for the next album on Instagram, various studio sessions. I will mainly post on this here.
*Good new for mainly french listeners, the Deezer page has been updated here.

*New review over "Prometheus" album from Romania, thanks to their kindness, follow the link here.
*Blog section has a new design. Stay safe ! Kj

*The next album is called "Summoned Summoners" and is due to January 21, 2021 (Date of my birthday), a first single will be available next November 25, 2020 "Helios Is Waiting In The Dark", this single will have two versions, one in english and another one in french singing. This album will be darker and organic with much acoustic guitar on it,  15 tracks.
*I keep you posted on #Instagram mainly for the making of the new songs from the next album ( "Aurora" already online),  and on the other hand, few videos of the new live set list on #Youtube using each time a different device. "What if" the song from "Now I'm Black Moon" album will be the first.
*As you might rememeber, we have recorded two tracks with my friend Kjell Braaten, once on the album "Futurition" and then on the single called "Io" , we are about to work on a new track once more in following weeks again. Stay tuned.

*I will begin to use Twitch soon, here is the link of my channel, feel free to subscribe.
*New review from Komakino Hungary here
*New review from Side Line Belgium on "El Circo Cubierto" new album here.

*"El Circo Cubierto" new album, link to the various platforms of streaming (Spotify, Deezer etc....)

*Official video clip for the single "John Malkovich" available here. Thanks to Max Firinu for the artistic direction.
*Following the instagram account you will be abale to check the new logo for the project made by Nicolo Pelizzon, a snail but unique one.
*Much concerts are delayed including a possible one in Bulgaria, but stay tuned.

*New review in spanish from No Melody magazine here over the new album "El Circo Cubierto"
*This project will get a new logo, and it will be made by my friend Nicolo Pellizon, who has already made the cover of the album called "Futurition".
*A video, more concrete video clip will rise too and it will be made by Max Firinu who has made the video for the song "Erased + Deleted" for the album "Junky Prophet" time ago, this time it's for the song "John Malkovich" from the new album.
*New review in Italian for "El Circo Cubierto" here Thanks to them.
*Press Release of the new album available here, plus cd's are now ready to be sent, here is the merch' link.
*New paintings online °;°
*Live dates postponed to late 2020.
*New tutorials further in french over two synth and one effect pedal will be published next week.
*As the situation is still complicated i'm continuing an essay i've begun in February.
*A small concert is expected online at the end of this month, on youtube as i don't use any others social networks...xx

*I will record folk versions of the previous album "Prometheus", as i have finished the transcriptons on youtube.
*"El Circo Cubierto" the new release is now availlable via Bandcamp and the other platforms of streaming (I can send you a promo file with various items including : press release, the album, photos and video clip. A dropbox link is ready to be sent). See you soon!
*A first book of Poems will be published the 20 of April called "Nous étions une poignée" available through AppleBooks here or by making a donation with Paypal.
*New merch. available with T-Shirts for "Prometheus" album here.
*The song "Ether is finished and you can listen here
*Next gig when quarantine is over will be in Portugal in Lisboa.
*Currently working on the next album called "El Circo Cubierto", more details in the blog and podcast section. The new painting published is a first sight for this forthcoming release.

*Good luck to everyone with the Coronavirus, it's a new dimension and a new serial of pain that is rising now, may all of us gather and succeed.
*After a long period of thoughts, i have decided to only release one new track i  was working on since one month and it's called  "Ether"; releasing an entire album doesn't match at all with what i see and what i feel.
*The wesbite has a new visual look if you check it with your phone or even Ipad, have a look.
*Following demands, i have published four new tutorials over devices i 'm using on the Youtube channel. It includes pedals from Earth quaker devices and Chase Bliss Audio, it's in French.

*New Track called 'Incognito" here, that's a single, a live version.
*New collaboration with Kjell Braaten called "Io" here.
*The Lost Session Vol.2" re-issue is now available on Bandcamp here.
*Second tutorial video over one of the instruments i'm using, this time PO35 speak from Teenage Engineering here.

*Happy New Year 2020 to all ! Wish you good health, love and may all your dreams come true.
*Trying to do tutorials in french about instruments i'm using, first video here with the Po12 from Teenage Engineering.
*Podcast number 3 is online here about "Prometheus" new album.
*I will surely make custom Cd's or K7 for the new album, all copies will be unique. Meanwhile, there is still cd's available at ColdSpring Uk and ClearSpot Netherlands. Moreover, there is cd's with "No Age" & "Eight New Prophecies" on my Bandcamp Page and posters for "Prometheus" link here.
*Thanks to all the brands for support, and soon i will do some demos concerning a loop synth called Gecho loop synth, link here for the product.

*First podcast is now available here.
*"Cosmologie Tour" is now finished thanks for coming to the various dates.
*"Prometheus" the new album and second for this year is available here.

*First extract from "Prometheus" next album is available on Youtube here; "Conscience Des Machines"  
*See you in Reykjavik on 14 of November meanwhile and Malta.
*I'm working on a podcast this week, the section is now active.
*Reminder : every paintings in the "Peintures" section are available, one copy of each. More infos needed? Contact me via email :
*In parallel, i'm working on three different tracks, with bands and musicians from Tokyo, Lisboa and Poland. These released are taking time and really inspiring results.

*Next album is called  "HPB" released next year with 12 new tracks.
*Paintings will be present in Paris during two exhibitions.

Next live acts: at Tokyo Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) on 15 Of August 2019 and Gaukurinn in Rekjavik in Iceland on 14 of November.
First acts with video projections and copies of paintings to be sold in limited edition.

*I will perform at Darkland fire festival in December, back then.
*There are new paintings illustrating the new album in the "Peintures" section. Love it.
*Some audio reading will be posted on my instagram account too this week.

*Tokyo is confirmed on 25 of October at Live Freak.
*"Cosmologie Facile" new album is now available on Bandcamp, YoutTube, Deezer, Spotify, keep in mind that the bandcamp has some bonus.
Songs will be played in Barcelona during the next perf. on 16 of Februrary.
* Four New reviews are in the press section, merci à eux.

*Thanks to everyone in Debrecen for the gig on 23 of January, all photos on Facebook and instagram.
*I will surely play end of March in Thessaloniki Greece
*New live performance confirmed in Kalisz, Poland for the Gostyn Avant Festival on 14.09.2019.
*Strymon have published a photo of my two pedals during the Namm 2019 in California, thanks guys!

*New concert confirmed in Barcelona on 16 of February 2019.
*More details about the next concert in Debrecen in Hungary on 23 of January available in Live section. Russia in Autumn 2019 too.
*The next album "Cosmologie Facile" will be released the 12 of February.

*Next concert in Hungary on 23 of January, more details will rise.
*Russia tour for next Autumn 2019

*Mercy to Michal and the beautiful souls with him for the Temple Of Silence Festival.
*The album "Cosmologie Facile" will be completed with another album called "Tout En Un", so a double for early 2019.
* Photos of Temple Of Silence are present on my instagram account, videos are on youtube.
* New review over 'Inaturel" album here in spanish

Next live performance at Temple Of Silence 12 -Flyer - Link of the event.

"Cosmologie Facile" will be released in October; at this moment there is 13 tracks, and you would have the opportunity to read more details within the blog. Saint Malo is the place that inspired me many things for this disc.
Fr : Je vais rédiger un blog intitulé -Si Un Jour- qui traitera de voyages, food et autres joies toujours sur ce site internet; enfin, des vidéos live de reprises apparaîtront sur Instagram et Youtube (une sorte d'hommage) avec la configuration live sur laquelle j'ai travaillé les 4 derniers mois (Pédales Strymon, Electro harmonix, et ampli Fender Acoustasonic 150).
Enfin, un recueil d'histoires courtes intitulé "xxx" est en court , il sera disponible sur demande uniquement.

Finally a new album will rise for summer, i's called "Cosmologie Facile" mainly in french, i will use another confi of instruments, more accoustic, and an analogic synth. 9 new songs. Not so much promotion have been done for "Inaturel" just because i prefer to keep it hidden and perform later all the songs live. It's i think my best album with Futurition and Junky Prophet.

"Inaturel" new album here
Next live concert on 1st of March in Paris - Event link here -
*"No Age" album is now available through Clear Spot Netherlands here
*I will be playing in Poland on 7 and 8 of September during a festival, more infos soon.
*Two dates in Paris are on their way too.
*The release of "Inaturel" will be on 21 of March 2018 - Spring Equinox -
*New painting called "Lo Voglio" online & poems linked to the next album called "Inaturel".

*Happy new year to you all...the best for all and family members.
*New items in the different sections have been added, i'me just a bit late for the new paintings...i hope to finish them before February.
*As i know three dates will happen concerning the live acts for this year, as soon as i get more infos...
*New short extract from "Inaturel" called "Ni Le Premier Ni Le Dernier" online on soundcloud ( this is not the final version, but it reflects something i wanted to "spread" to the world).

Thanks to Cold Spring Uk, the cd "No Age" is on stock on their store
For France, Manic depression records here.
-Three new tracks are available from now, including 'Je Suis une arme' & 'Rien n'est irréversible'. 
-50 cd's of "No Age" are available through the bandcamp page, you can contact me here otherwise and i will be sending to you.
-Parallel project with Arash Akbari is available through this compil called Antime here.
-All the social medias have been deleted - again these things are too chaotics for me, so don't be surprised if you don't find any of them "online" E-mail and Music are the best sources to get closer.
-The only album that will be available on the streaming platforms (Itunes, Deezer, applemuisc and others) is 'No Age' if you want to get the other releases, all of them are available on the Bandcamp page (including bonus and other stuff).
-A new website will be availabe in February 2018, menwhile surely a new blog dealing with various topics.
-Quote of the day

-I'm looking for new places to perform the new tracks and new config', feel free to send me a message, small places and good energy.
-Inaturel is the resume of a new record, but i will not publish it before having playing the texts before. In these times of "Too much things in your brain when you are connected" i prefer to aim the perfect moment in order to create the best echo possible with the songs. It's more than making another disc.

-Next performance - Paris, Tennesee Pub - 12 rue andré Mazet 75006 - 20H30 - 23/03/2017
-Here you will find the official artist page on the Manic Depression records website here, with all the new reviews concerning "No Age" the new album.
-Meanwhile, i'm working with Arash Akbari on an Ep, first extract called "Prison of Love" here.

No Age cd is now available on Manic Depression Records here
New Review from attnmagazine uk here 
Booking contact for 2017 here
Unreleased new track called Chrysalis here 
Extract live dates :  Estonia 21/08/2016  (Live videos here )
The album "No Age" will be released through the label Manic Depression Records in November.

First extract "Erased + Deleted" directed by Max Firinu here.

New album is called " No Age " - feeds on twitter and Bancamp Link here.
Thanks to Viola for the Russian review over Junky Prophet here
+ First belgium review over Junky Prophet new album  here
°°First track "You Know" and new collab' with Max Würden 
°Bandcamp, Discogs : cd's are available now - follow the links to get your copies.
°French review over Junky Prophet album here 
'Junky Prophet' New Album Out now , you can get your copie via Bandcamp, Itunes, stream on Spotify, Deezer, and Applemusic. I've written something on the Tumblr blog too and concerning the next main facts of the project. 
New article and interview via Mithra magazine here
Interview BlackMoon Magazine Norway here
Interview Keyboard Magazine France here

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